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Dante Alighieri 1265-1321

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Most widely held works by Dante Alighieri
The divine comedy : the Inferno, Purgatorio, and Paradiso by Dante Alighieri( Book )
7,853 editions published between 1 and 2019 in 25 languages and held by 44,666 libraries worldwide
"'The Divine Comedy' begins in a shadowed forest on Good Friday in the year 1300. It proceeds on a journey that, in its intense recreation of the depths and the heights of human experience, has become the key with which Western civilization has sought to unlock the mystery of its own identity. Allen Mandelbaum's astonishingly Dantean translation, which captures so much of the life of the original, renders whole for us the masterpiece that genius whom our greatest poets have recognized as a central model for all poets. This Everyman's edition -- containing in one volume all three cantos, 'Inferno, ' 'Purgatorio, ' and 'Paradiso' -- includes an introduction by Nobel Prize-winning poet Eugenio Montale, a chronology, notes, and a bibliography. Also included are forty-two drawings selected from Botticelli's marvelous late-fifteenth century series of illustrations." ***"An epic poem in which the poet describes his spiritual journey through Hell, Purgatory and Paradise -- guided first by the poet Virgil and then by his beloved Beatrice -- which results in a purification of his religious faith."
Inferno by Dante Alighieri( Book )
1,067 editions published between 1515 and 2020 in 16 languages and held by 13,581 libraries worldwide
Dante's immortal poem enters English in the clearest, the most accurate, the most readable translation in decades, accompanied by a commentary of unsurpassed scholarship. This new verse translation (with facing-page Italian text) is by internationally famed scholar and master teacher Hollander and his wife, poet Jean Hollander
Vita nuova by Dante Alighieri( Book )
1,271 editions published between 1576 and 2019 in 23 languages and held by 9,248 libraries worldwide
A text by Dante Alighieri published in 1294. It is an expression of the medieval genre of courtly love in a prosimetrum style, a combination of both prose and verse. Referred to by Dante as his libello, or "little book", The New Life is the first of two collections of verse written by Dante in his life. La Vita Nuova is a prosimetrum, a piece containing both verse and prose, in the vein of Boethius' Consolation of Philosophy. Dante used each prosimetrum as a means for combining poems written over periods of roughly ten years - La Vita Nuova contains his works from before 1283 to roughly 1293. The collection and its style fit in with the movement called Dolce Stil Novo. The prose creates the illusion of narrative continuity between the poems; it is Dante's way of reconstructing himself and his art in terms of his evolving sense of the limitations of courtly love (the system of ritualized love and art that Dante and his poet-friends inherited from the Provençal poets, the Sicilian poets of the court of Frederick II, and the Tuscan poets before them). Sometime in his twenties, Dante decided to try to write love poetry that was less centered on the self and more aimed at love as such: he intended to elevate courtly love poetry, many of its tropes and its language, into sacred love poetry. Beatrice for Dante was the embodiment of this kind of love - transparent to the Absolute, inspiring the integration of desire aroused by beauty with the longing of the soul for divine splendor
Purgatorio by Dante Alighieri( Book )
602 editions published between 1741 and 2020 in 15 languages and held by 5,831 libraries worldwide
In what may be his most ambitious project to date, Merwin has translated, in verse, the central section of Dante's "Divine ComedyQPurgatorio, " a journey up the Mountain of Purgatory, where souls are cleansed in preparation for their ultimate ascent to heaven
The Paradiso by Dante Alighieri( Book )
376 editions published between 1757 and 2017 in 12 languages and held by 3,777 libraries worldwide
"Dante's ultimate vision of universal harmony and eternal salvation"--Cover
On world-government, or, De monarchia by Dante Alighieri( Book )
314 editions published between 1609 and 2015 in 11 languages and held by 3,311 libraries worldwide
A seminal essay on secular and religious power, De Monarchia examines the relationship between secular authority (represented by the Holy Roman Emperor) and religious authority (represented by the Pope) a controversial subject at the time. Dante's point of view is clear; he had defended the autonomy of Florence against the demands of Pope Boniface VIII
The divine comedy : Inferno by Dante Alighieri( file )
42 editions published between 1881 and 2018 in English and held by 2,183 libraries worldwide
"In the Inferno, the first of the Comedy's three parts, Dante is conducted by the spirit of the classical poet Virgil through the nine circles of Hell on the initial stage of his arduous journey toward God."--Jacket
Dante's Inferno : the Indiana critical edition by Dante Alighieri( file )
7 editions published in 1995 in English and held by 1,909 libraries worldwide
Presents a verse translation of Dante's "Inferno" along with ten essays that analyze the different interpretations of the first canticle of the "Divine Comedy."
The Inferno of Dante : a new verse translation by Dante Alighieri( Book )
28 editions published between 1994 and 1999 in English and held by 1,766 libraries worldwide
This widely praised version of Dante's masterpiece, which won the Los Angeles Times Book Prize and the Harold Morton Landon Translation Award of the Academy of American Poets, is more idiomatic and approachable than its many predecessors. Former U.S. Poet Laureate Pinsky employs slant rhyme and near rhyme to preserve Dante's terza rima form without distorting the flow of English idiom. The result is a clear and vigorous translation that is also unique, student-friendly, and faithful to the original: "A brilliant success," as Bernard Knox wrote in The New York Review of Books
The divine comedy by Dante Alighieri( file )
in English and held by 1,741 libraries worldwide
The divine comedy purgatorio by Dante Alighieri( file )
15 editions published between 1961 and 2005 in English and held by 1,737 libraries worldwide
The Divine Comedy – PURGATORIOThis is an unabridged version of PURGATORIO, the second part of The Divine Comedy, an epic poem written by Dante Alighieri.The Divine Comedy is written in the first person, and tells of Dante's journey through the three realms of the dead, lasting from the night before Good Friday to the Wednesday after Easter in the spring of 1300. The Roman poet Virgil guides him through Hell and Purgatory, and Beatrice, Dante's ideal woman, guides him through Heaven. On the surface, the poem describes Dante's travels through Inferno (Hell), Purgatorio (Purgatory), and Paradiso (Paradise/Heaven), but at a deeper level, it represents allegorically the soul's journey towards God.In PURGATORIO, Dante and Virgil having survived the depths of Hell, ascend out of the undergloom to the Mountain of Purgatory on the far side of the world. The Mountain is on an island, the only land in the Southern Hemisphere, created by the displacement of rock which resulted when Satan's fall created Hell (which Dante portrays as existing underneath Jerusalem).The mountain has seven terraces, corresponding to the seven deadly sins or "seven roots of sinfulness." The classification of sin here is more psychological than that of the Inferno, being based on motives, rather than actions. Below the seven purges of the soul is the Ante-Purgatory, containing the Excommunicated from the church and the Late repentant who died, often violently, before receiving rites.This translation by Charles Eliot Norton is written in prose (a form of grammatical structure and natural flow of speech rather than the original blank verse). In this edition the explanatory footnotes (500+) are collected at the end of the book via numbered interactive reference links. Your e-reader will easily move back and forward between text and endnotes.The Divine Comedy is available in 3 separate audiobooks, INFERNO (TRT 5 hours, 16 min), PURGATORIO (TRT 5 hours, 25 min), and PARADISO (TRT 5 hours, 38 min), or combined in one volume, The Divine Comedy (TRT 16 hours, 19 min).Dante Alighieri (c. 1265–1321), was a major Italian poet of the Middle Ages. His Divine Comedy, is widely considered the greatest literary work composed in the Italian language and a masterpiece of world literature. [Elib]
The divine comedy by Dante Alighieri( file )
5 editions published in 2008 in English and held by 1,706 libraries worldwide
The divine comedy by Dante Alighieri( file )
in English and held by 1,703 libraries worldwide
The Inferno of Dante by Dante Alighieri( file )
48 editions published between 1782 and 2016 in 3 languages and held by 1,608 libraries worldwide
The first part of Dante's classic poem of faith follows the author with his guide Virgil through the circles of hell, describing the sinners and punishments witnessed there
Convivio by Dante Alighieri( Book )
256 editions published between 1490 and 2019 in 7 languages and held by 1,342 libraries worldwide
"Dante's Convivio, composed in exile between 1304 and 1307, is a series of self-commentaries on three of Dante's long poems. These allegorical love poems and philosophical verse become the basis for philosophical, literary, moral, and political exposition. The prose is written in Italian so that those who were not educated in Latin could take part in what Dante called his 'banquet of knowledge'. In this edition, eminent Dante translator-scholar Andrew Frisardi offers the first fully annotated translation of the work into English, with an extensive introduction, making Dante's often complex writings accessible to scholars and students. The parallel Italian text is also included for the first time in an English translation of the Convivio. Readers of this work can gain a strong understanding of the philosophical themes across Dante's work, including the Divine Comedy, as well as the logic, politics and science of his time."--Book jacket
The divine comedy of Dante Alighieri by Dante Alighieri( file )
11 editions published between 1867 and 1997 in English and Italian and held by 1,250 libraries worldwide
The divine comedy of Dante Alighieri by Dante Alighieri( file )
11 editions published between 1886 and 1996 in English and Italian and held by 1,223 libraries worldwide
An invaluable source of pleasure to those English readers who wish to read this great medieval classic with true understanding, Sinclair's three-volume prose translation of Dante's Divine Comedy provides both the original Italian text and the Sinclair translation, arranged on facing pages, and commentaries, appearing after each canto, which serve as brilliant examples of genuine literary criticism. This volume contains the complete translation of Dante's Paradiso
De vulgari eloquentia by Dante Alighieri( Book )
217 editions published between 1890 and 2018 in 9 languages and held by 1,153 libraries worldwide
De vulgari eloquentia, written by Dante in the early years of the fourteenth century, is the only known work of medieval literary theory to have been produced by a practising poet, and the first to assert the intrinsic superiority of living, vernacular languages over Latin. Its opening consideration of language as a sign-system includes foreshadowings of twentieth-century semiotics, and later sections contain the first serious effort at literary criticism based on close analytical reading since the classical era. Steven Botterill here offers an accurate Latin text and a readable English translation of the treatise, together with notes and introductory material, thus making available a work which is relevant not only to Dante's poetry and the history of Italian literature, but to our whole understanding of late medieval poetics, linguistics, and literary practice
The divine comedy. Paradiso by Dante Alighieri( Book )
3 editions published between 1975 and 1982 in Italian and English and held by 38 libraries worldwide
The Cambridge companion to Dante by Rachel Jacoff( Book )
2 editions published between 1993 and 2010 in English and held by 12 libraries worldwide
This book provides an introduction to Dante that is at once accessible and challenging. Fifteen essays provide background information and up-to-date critical perspectives on Dante's life and work, focusing on areas of central importance. Three essays introduce the three canticles of the Divine Comedy, and others explore the literary, intellectual and historical background to Dante's writings, his other works and his reception in the commentary tradition and in literature in English. The book also includes a chronological table and suggestions for further reading
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WorldCat IdentitiesRelated Identities
Alternative Names
Ailiégieéirié, Dainteé
Ailígíeirí, Dainté
Ailígiéirí, Dainté 1265-1321
Alagheri, Dante.
Alagherii, Dante
Alagherii, Dante 1265-1321
Alaghieri Dante
Alaghieri, Dante 1265-1321
Aldigeri, Dante
Aldigeri Dante (1265-1321)
Aleghieri, Dante
Aleghieri, Dante 1265-1321
Alig’i︠e︡ri, Dante 1265-1321
Aligʹeri, Dante
Aligʹeri, Dante 1265-1321
Aligerius D. 1265-1321
Aligerius, Dante
Aligerius, Dante 1265-1321
Aligerius, Dantes
Aligerius, Dantes 1265-1321
Aligheri, Dante
Aligheri, Dante 1265-1321
Aligherius, Dante 1265-1321
Alighiere, Dante
Alighiere, Dante 1265-1321
Alighieri D. 1265-1321
Alighieri, Dant 1265-1321
Alighièri, Dante
Alighieri Dante 1265-1321
Alighieri, Dante Dichter 1265-1321
Alighieri, Dante Poet 1265-1321
Alighieri, Dante Poète 1265-1321
Alighieri, Danthe
Alighieri, Danthe 1265-1321
Alighieri, Durante
Alighieri, Durante, 1265-1321
Alighieri , Durante : degli
Alighiero , Dante
Aligīeri, Dant
Aligīeri, Dant 1265-1321
Aligieri, Dante.
ʾAligiʿeri, Danṭe 1265-1321
Aligijeri, Dante
Alig'jeri, Dante
Aliġʺjeri, Dante, 1265-1321
Aligjeris Dantė
Aligjeris, Dantė 1265-1321
Alīǧyīrī, Dāntī 1265-1321
Alih'i︠e︡ri, Dante
Alihii︠e︡ri, Dante
Alihii︠e︡ri, Dante 1265-1321
Alikiyari, Tāntē 1265-1321
Alīyīrī, Dāntī
Alīyīrī, Dāntī 1265-1321
Allegherius, Dante
Allegherius, Dante 1265-1321
Alleghieri, Dante
Alleghieri, Dante 1265-1321
Alligherius, Dante 1265-1321
Allighier, Dant 1265-1321
Allighieri , Dante
Allighieri Dante 1265-1321
Allighieri, Dante Dichter 1265-1321
Allighieri, Dante Poet 1265-1321
Allighieri, Dante Poète 1265-1321
Alligieri, Dante 1265-1321
Dainté Ailígiéirí
Danding 1265-1321
Dant 1265-1321
Dant 1265-1321 Pseudo
Dant Alighieri.
Dant Alighieri 1265-1321
Dant Aligīeri
Dant Aligieri 1265-1321
Dant, Allighier 1265-1321
Dant, Allighieri
Dant Allighieri 1265-1321
Dant, Pseudo, 1265-1321
Dantē 1265-1321
Dante A. 1265-1321
Dante Alagheri.
Dante Alagherii, Dichter 1265-1321
Dante Alagherii, Poet 1265-1321
Dante Alagherii, Poète 1265-1321
Dante [Alagherius]
Dante Alagherius 1265-1321
Dante Alagherius, Dichter 1265-1321
Dante Alagherius, Poet 1265-1321
Dante Alagherius, Poète 1265-1321
Dante Alaghieri
Dante [Aleghieri]
Dante Aleghieri 1265-1321
Dante Alig’i︠e︡ri
Dante Alig’i︠e︡ri 1265-1321
Dante Aligeri
Dante Aligʹeri 1265-1321
Dante [Aligerius]
Dante Aligerius 1265-1321
Dante Aligerius, Dichter 1265-1321
Dante Aligerius, Poet 1265-1321
Dante Aligerius, Poète 1265-1321
Dante Aligheri 1265-1321
Dante, Aligherius 1265-1321
Dantė Alighieri
Dante, Alighieri 1265-1321
Dante Alighieri, Dichter 1265-1321
Dante Alighieri Itaalia luuletaja
Dante Alighieri Itala poeto, (1265 - 1321)
Dante Alighieri Italiaans schrijver
Dante Alighieri itáliai költő, filozófus
Dante Alighieri italialainen kirjailija ja runoilija
Dante Alighieri Italian poet
Dante Alighieri Italiano a mannaniw ti Tengnga a Panpanawen
Dante Alighieri italiano autor da epopéia, A divina comédia, considerado um entre os maiores poetas de todos os tempos; sua obra teve grande impacto na literatura, ao redor do mundo
Dante Alighieri italienischer Dichter und Philosoph
Dante Alighieri italiensk författare, ämbetsman, poet och statslärd
Dante Alighieri italiensk forfatter og poet
Dante Alighieri italijanski pesnik
Dante Alighieri Italiya jacha marka qillqiri
Dante Alighieri italský básník
Dante Alighieri Italya mama llaqtayuq qillqaq
Dante Alighieri İtalyan ozan ve siyasetçi
Dante Alighieri Nhà thơ người Ý
Dante Alighieri poet italian
Dante Alighieri poet și filozof italian, om politic florentin
Dante Alighieri poeta fiorentinu
Dante Alighieri poeta italià
Dante Alighieri poeta italiano
Dante Alighieri poeta italiano, autore della Divina Commedia (tra il 21 maggio e il 21 giugno 1265- notte tra il 13 e il 14 settembre 1321)
Dante Alighieri poeta italianu
Dante Alighieri poète, homme politique et écrivain italien
Dante Alighieri wybitny włoski poeta śreniowieczny, protoplasta humanizmu a także filozof, polityk i kodyfikator języka włoskiego
Dánte Aligiéri
Dante Aligieri 1265-1321
Dante Aligieri, Dichter 1265-1321
Dante Aligiery
Dānté ʾAligiyéri
Dānté ʼAligiyéri 1265-1321
Dante [Aligjeri]
Dante Alig'jeri 1265-1321
Dantė Aligjeris
Dantė Aligjeris 1265-1321
Danṭe Aligyeri
Danṭe Aligyeri 1265-1321
Dante Alih’i︠e︡ri 1265-1321
Dante Alih'i︠e︡ri
Dante Alih'ieri 1265-1321
Dante Allighieri
Dante Allighieri 1265-1321
Dante Allighieri, Dichter 1265-1321
Dante Allighieri, Poet 1265-1321
Dante Allighieri, Poète 1265-1321
Dante Ardighê
Dante Ardighê 1265-1321
Dante Lighier
Dānteé ʾAligiyeéri
Dantes [Alagerius]
Dantes Alagerius 1265-1321
Dantes Alagherius
Dantes Alagherius 1265-1321
Dantes [Aligerius]
Dantes Aligerius 1265-1321
Dantes Alighierus 1265-1321
Danthe Alighieri
Danthe Alighieri 1265-1321
Danti Alighieri
Dāntī Alīǧyīrī
Dāntī Alīǧyīrī 1265-1321
Dāntī Alīǧyrīy, Dichter 1265-1321
Dāntī Alījyīrī
Dāntī Alījyīrī 1265-1321
Dantis Alagherius
Dantis Alagherius 1265-1321
Dantte 1265-1321
Dhante Alighieri, 1265-1321
Durante Alighieri
Durante Alighieri 1265-1321
Makākavi Tāntē 1265-1321
Pseudo-Dante Alighieri 1265-1321
Tan-ting 1265-1321
Tāntē Alikiyari 1265-1321
Tantte 1265-1321
Yalijili, Danding 1265-1321
Δάντης Αλιγκέρι
Алигьери Данте
Алигьери, Данте, 1265-1321
Аліґʹєрі, Данте, 1265-1321
Данте Алигери
Данте Алигиери
Данте Алигиери 1265-1321
Данте Алигијери италијански песник касног средњег века
Данте Алигьери.
Данте Алигьери 1265-1321
Данте Алигьери итальянский поэт XIV века
Данте Аліґгіері, 1265-1321
Данте Аліґєрі
Данте Аліґ'єрі італійський поет 14 століття
Дантэ Аліг’еры
Дантэ Аліг'еры
Դանթե Ալիգիերի
Տանթէ Ալիկիէրի
אליגיירי, דאנטה
אליגיירי, דנטה
אליגיירי דנטי
אליגירי, דנטה
אליגירי, דנטה 1265-1321
אליגירי, דנטי
דאנט 1321־1265
דאנטה אליגיירי
דאנטי אליגיירי
דאנטי אליגיירי 1265-1321
דאנטע אליגערי
דנטה אליגיארי
דנטה אליגיארי 1265-1321
דנטה אליגיירי
דנטה אליגיירי 1265-1321
דנטה אליגיירי משורר איטלקי
דנטה אליגירי
דנטה אליגירי 1265-1321
דנטי אליגיארי
דנטי אליגיארי 1265-1321‬
‏דנטי אליגירי.
דנטי אליגירי 1265-1321
أليجييري، دانتي، 1265-1321
أليغييري، دانتي، 1265-1321
آل‍ی‍گ‍ی‍ری‌, دان‍ت‍ه‌‌.
دانته آلیگیری
دانته آلیگیری شاعری ایتالیایی تبار
دانتى الغييرى،
دانتى ألغييري
دانتى, أليجييرى
دانتى اليغييرى،
دانتي ألغييري، 1265-1321
دانتي أليجيري،
دانتي أليجيري، 1256-1321
دانتي أليجيري،, 1265-1321
دانتي أليجييري 1265-1321
دانتي أليغييري شاعر إيطالي
دانتێ ئالیگیێری شاعیری ئیتاڵی
دانتې الیګيري
दांते अलिघियेरी
दांते इटली के कवी आ लेखक
दांते एलीगियरी
दान्ते अलिघिएरी
दान्ते ऐलिगिरी
দান্তে আলিগিয়েরি ইতালীয় কবি
ਦਾਂਤੇ ਏਲੀਗਿਅਰੀ
டான்டே அலிகியேரி இத்தாலிய கவிஞர்
ഡാന്റെ അലിഘിയേരി
ดันเต อาลีกีเอรี
დანტე ალიგიერი
დანტე ალიგიერი XIV საუკუნის იტალიელი პოეტი
დანტე ალიგჰიერი.
단떼 알릐기에리 1265-1321
단테 A. 1265-1321
단테 알리기에리
알리기에리, 단테 1265-1321
알리기에리, 두란테 델리 1265-1321
ዳንቴ አሊጊዬሪ
ដានតេ អាលីគីអេរី
ᱰᱟᱱᱴᱮ ᱟᱞᱤᱜᱷᱤᱭᱮᱨᱤ
アリギエーリ, ダンテ
ダンテ 1265-1321
ダンテ・アリギエーリ 中世イタリアの詩人
亚利基利, 但丁 1265-1321
但丁 1265-1321
但丁·阿利吉耶里 意大利著名诗人
Italian (4,846)
English (3,491)
German (1,180)
Spanish (1,079)
French (834)
Polish (112)
Latin (88)
Catalan (88)
Hungarian (81)
Russian (80)
Chinese (76)
Japanese (63)
Portuguese (59)
Romanian (47)
Multiple languages (25)
Dutch (23)
Greek, Modern [1453- ] (17)
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Esperanto (12)
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