A woman's walk in grace (도서, 2010) [University of Maryland, College Park]
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A woman's walk in grace

저자: Catherine Martin
출판사: Eugene, Or. : Harvest House Publishers ; Highlands Ranch, CO : Published in association with the literary agency of WordServe Literary Group, Ltd., 2010.
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이 항목의 온라인 사본 가지러 가는 중… 이 항목의 온라인 사본 가지러 가는 중…

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문서 유형 도서
모든 저자 / 참여자: Catherine Martin
ISBN: 9780736923804 0736923802
OCLC 번호: 377755121
설명: 248 pages ; 22 cm
내용: Introduction --
Affirmation of grace --
Section I: The garden of grace --
In the garden of grace --
Growing deep in the garden --
Living extravagantly in the garden --
Section II: The gift of grace --
Caterpillars can fly --
It's not your life --
Beauty for ashes --
Riches for poverty --
Section III: The growth in grace --
Seasons of the soul --
The door is always open --
Theology of the new day --
Section IV: The glory of grace --
Crazy for Jesus --
The fine art of gracing another --
Dreaming God's dreams --
Chocolate drinking fountains.
책임: Catherine Martin.
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Fine Bible Study on Grace

by lindaloodle (WorldCat 사용자가 게시함 2011-03-13) 매우만족 퍼머링크

As all of Catherine Martin's books, her doctrine is sound and biblically based.  She helps us in our spiritual walks whether it be in grace, in hope, in prayer, in seeking closeness with the Lord.  This book is especially received with gratitude as grace is what I need as I care for my 97...
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