A short account of the destruction of the Indies (圖書, 1992) [University of Maryland, College Park]
A short account of the destruction of the Indies

A short account of the destruction of the Indies

作者: Bartolomé de las Casas; Nigel Griffin; Anthony Pagden
出版商: London, England ; New York, N.Y. : Penguin Books, 1992.
叢書: Penguin classics.
版本/格式:   打印圖書 : 英語 : 1st ed所有版本和格式的總覽
In 1542, after years of witnessing Indian suffering and slavery, Bartolome de Las Casas wrote this indictment against European exploitation and mistreatment of the native peoples of the New World. The document was dedicated to Prince Philip of Spain and appeared in published form in 1552. It carries all the urgency of a moment in history when it still seemed possible to reverse the tide. --From publisher's  再讀一些...
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類型/形式: Early works
Early works to 1800
Ouvrages avant 1800
資料類型: 網際網路資源
文件類型 圖書, 網際網路資源
所有的作者/貢獻者: Bartolomé de las Casas; Nigel Griffin; Anthony Pagden
ISBN: 0140445625 9780140445626
OCLC系統控制編碼: 26198156
描述: xlii, 143 pages : illustrations, map ; 20 cm
内容: Hispaniola --
The kingdoms of Hispaniola --
The islands of Puerto Rico and Jamaica --
Cuba --
The Mainland --
The province of Nicaragua --
New Spain --
The province and Kingdom of Guatemala --
New Spain, Pánuco and Jalisco --
The kingdom of Yucatán --
The province of Santa Marta --
The province of Cartagena --
The Pearl Coast, Paria and Trinidad --
The river Yuyaparí --
The kingdom of Venezuela --
The mainland in the region known as Florida --
The river Plate --
The great kingdoms and Provinces of Peru --
The kingdom of New Granada.
叢書名: Penguin classics.
其他題名: Brevísima relación de la destrucción de las Indias.
責任: Bartolomé de las Casas ; edited and translated by Nigel Griffin ; with an introduction by Anthony Pagden.


A catalogue of mass slaughter, torture and slavery, which showed that the evangelizing vision of Columbus had descended under later conquistadors into genocide. It demands that the Indians be  再讀一些...
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