The self-restraining state : power and accountability in new democracies (图书, 1999) [University of Maryland, College Park]
The self-restraining state : power and accountability in new democracies

The self-restraining state : power and accountability in new democracies

著者: Andreas Schedler; Larry Jay Diamond; Marc F Plattner
出版商: Boulder, Colo. : Lynne Rienner Publishers, 1999.
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Analisa os problemas atuais da democracia, tais como violação de direitos humanos, corrupção, clientelismo, abuso de poder e a necessidade da criação de mecanismos de controle do estado, uma vez que so os cidadaos não são capazes de exercer este controle.
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文档类型 图书
所有的著者/提供者: Andreas Schedler; Larry Jay Diamond; Marc F Plattner
ISBN: 1555877737 9781555877736 1555877745 9781555877743
OCLC号码: 39985562
描述: x, 395 pages ; 24 cm
内容: Conceptualizing accountability / Andreas Schedler --
Horizontal accountability in new democracies / Guillermo O'Donnell --
Democracy and constitutionalism / Richard L. Sklar --
Limits of horizontal accountability / Philippe C. Schmitter --
Traditions of accountability / Marc F. Plattner --
Response to my commentators / Guillermo O'Donnell --
Brief history of electoral commissions / Robert A. Pastor --
Off the streets and into the courtrooms : resolving postelectoral conflicts in Mexico / Todd A. Eisenstadt --
Institutionalizing credible elections in Ghana / E. Gyimah-Boadi --
Third dimension of accountability : the international community in national elections / Robert A. Pastor --
Brief history of judicial review / Herman Schwartz --
Judicial independence and judicial reform in Latin America / Pilar Domingo --
Building judicial independence in common law Africa / Jennifer Widner --
Surprising success : the new Eastern European constitutional courts / Herman Schwartz --
Brief history of anticorruption agencies / Michael Johnston --
Corruption, democracy, and reform in Benin / John R. Heilbrunn --
Combating corruption in South Korea and Thailand / Jon S.T. Quah --
Global coalition against corruption : evaluating Transparency International / Fredrik Galtung and Jeremy Pope --
Brief history of central bank independence in developing countries / Sylvia Maxfield --
Misguided autonomy : central bank independence in the Russian tradition / Juliet Johnson --
Learning from failure : the international financial institutions as agencies of restraint in Africa / Paul Collier --
Restraining the state : conflicts and agents of accountability / Andreas Schedler.
责任: edited by Andreas Schedler, Larry Diamond, Marc F. Plattner.


This text states that democratic governments must be accountable to the electorate; but they must also be subject to restraint and oversight by other public agencies. The state must control itself.  再读一些...
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