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ReBecoming : the way of opportunity

by J R Maxon

  Print book : Fiction  |  1st ed

A must read for people who are seeking happiness in their lives   (2009-01-26)


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by readerviews

Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (10/08)

“ReBecoming” is defined as:  “The personal process of continuous change facilitated by an individual’s desire and belief that they can: 1. Re-aim their intentions, 2. Re-energize their mind, 3. Re-build their body, 4. Relinquish their unskillful choices, 5. Recognize and Redefine their happiness, and 6. ReBecome.”

Diana Archer, the main character in “ReBecoming,” has reached a point in her life where she knows that she needs to change.  She is in a job with an abusive boss, she is single, financially strapped and she is out of shape.  Even though Diana is unhappy, she is afraid to change.  Circumstances lead Diana into a gym membership.  She acquires a personal trainer who teaches her about more than just exercise, he teaches her about how to live with happiness.  The process is not easy, and will not happen overnight, but Diana is now on her way to ReBecoming the person that she was meant to be.
While Diana is following her Way of Opportunity, she meets others who are on their path to ReBecoming.  These people also help her learn through their experiences. She also encounters many people, like her boss, who try to distract her from her true way.  She has to learn to overcome their attempts.  She develops a very close relationship with Jon, her trainer/teacher.  Romantic feelings are definitely developing, but Jon teaches her that she needs to be whole and happy within herself first, before she brings someone else into her life.  
“ReBecoming” is a really beautiful, inspirational story about a woman’s quest for happiness.  Inside of this book are lessons for those of us who are reading her story.  Never in my life, have I found a character that I could relate as well to as I have with Diana Archer.  There was so much in her story that I felt was written for myself and healing that I need to do in my own life.  I also really, really appreciated that the author put an emphasis on the importance of caring for your body through fitness.  So many times, fitness is overlooked or deemed as vain in spiritual pursuits. In this story, it was seen as vital to care for the vessel for our souls.
“ReBecoming” is definitely a must read for people who are seeking happiness in their lives.  The lessons in it taught me how to work on being a better person and to show more kindness both to myself and others.  I read it before I would go to sleep at night and it definitely had an impact on my dreams.  I recommend that other readers do this as well and keep their journals next to their beds to record their dreams.  Having the opportunity to read “ReBecoming” by J.R. Maxon made me feel like I was getting a gift from heaven.

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