Must love black (도서, 2008) [University of Maryland, College Park]
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Must love black

저자: Kelly McClymer
출판사: New York : Simon Pulse, 2008.
판/형식:   인쇄본 : 초등/ 중,고등학교 : 소설 : 영어모든 판과 형식 보기
While looking for a nanny job in the newspaper, Philippa comes across a strange ad that makes her think she has found the perfect employers for a goth girl such as herself.
이 항목의 온라인 사본 가지러 가는 중… 이 항목의 온라인 사본 가지러 가는 중…

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장르/형태: Teen fiction
Juvenile works
Juvenile fiction
자료 유형: 초등/ 중,고등학교, 소설
문서 유형 도서
모든 저자 / 참여자: Kelly McClymer
ISBN: 9781416949039 1416949038
OCLC 번호: 209707317
설명: 167 pages ; 21 cm
책임: Kelly McClymer.


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A nice addition to any older kids library.

by AnchorageSchools (WorldCat 사용자가 게시함 2009-12-22) 좋음 퍼머링크

     Philippa (a modern high school goth girl) takes a babysitting job and falls for the family's gardner who is in love with preppy pink freak. Typical love triangle with lots of humor, it made me think about people's motivations.

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Don't waste your time

by tiamatq (WorldCat 사용자가 게시함 2009-02-15) 부족함 퍼머링크

Phillipa takes off in the middle of her dad's wedding to pastel-loving Krystal, in order to head off to her summer job - being a nanny who "loves black" to ten-year-old twin girls at a luxurious but creepy spa in Maine.  The spa has all the latest amenities, including a hot gardener named Geoff,...
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