Measuring poverty around the world (Kniha, 2019) [University of Maryland, College Park]
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Measuring poverty around the world

Measuring poverty around the world

Autor A B Atkinson
Vydavatel: Princeton, NJ : Princeton University Press, [2019]
Vydání/formát:   Tištěná kniha : EnglishZobrazit všechny vydání a formáty
"In this, his final book, economist Anthony Atkinson, one of the world's great social scientists and a pioneer in the study of poverty and inequality, offers an inspiring analysis of a central question: What is poverty and how much of it is there around the globe? The persistence of poverty--in rich and poor countries alike--is one of the most serious problems facing humanity. Better measurement of poverty is  Přečíst více...
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Žánr/forma: Case studies
Études de cas
Osoba: Welt
Typ dokumentu Kniha
Všichni autoři/tvůrci: A B Atkinson
ISBN: 9780691191225 0691191220
OCLC číslo: 1059248525
Popis: xxvii, 429 pages : illustrations ; 25 cm
Obsahy: 1. Introduction : The salience of poverty statistics and their implications for economics : Motivating political action ; The design of effective action ; Economics, framing, and the environmental challenge --
Why should we be concerned? : Globalization and freedom for foreign travel ; What are our responsibilities?: Instrumental reasons ; What are our responsibilities?: Intrinsic concerns ; Sharing the burden --
A first look at the evidence about poverty around the world : The extent of global poverty ; Where the poor live ; Poverty in rich countries ; Relating the global to the national: choice of countries for case studies --
2. What do we mean by poverty? : Political definitions of poverty and subjective perceptions : Political action and assessing performance ; Subjective views about poverty --
Consumption and basic needs : The basic needs approach ; Basic needs as a moving target ; Inverting the telescope --
Poverty as deprivation of capabilities : The capability approach ; Capabilities and poverty measurement --
Minimum rights and poverty : Human rights ; Rights and poverty measurement ; Rights and diverse cultures --
Absolute and relative poverty in a global poverty count : Absolute and relative poverty ; A global poverty measure --
3. Clarifying concepts : What is being measured? : A much-debated question: consumption or income? ; Persistent poverty and the accounting period ; The mysteries of purchasing power comparisons --
Who is being measured? : Individuals, families, and households ; Inequality within the household ; Allowing for differences in needs --
Multidimensional poverty : A dashboard of indicators ; Choice of dimensions ; From dimensions to indicators ; Unit of analysis and reference population ; Changing indicators ; A global reach ; Multidimensional poverty indices --
What is being counted? : Head counts and poverty gaps ; Multidimensional poverty and the overlap of deprivations --
4. The key role of data : Are there any data? : Bricks without straw? ; Data fit for purpose ; Existence and availability of data --
Comparability : Comparability over time ; Comparability across countries --
Data on prices : Price indices ; Do the poor pay more? --
The hard graft : Sampling and interviewing problems ; The missing ; Measuring the total population ; Asking the questions --
Triangulation : Household surveys and national accounts --
Conclusions : An all-around approach (AA) --
5. Global poverty and the sustainable development goals : Global poverty measurement by the World Bank : A short history of World Bank global poverty measures ; Better data and the switch to consumption ; The key role of national poverty standards ; Purchasing power parities and controversy --
Estimates of global poverty : Levels and trends ; Are the very poor being left behind? Women and children in poverty ; Rural and urban poverty --
Do nonmonetary poverty measures tell the same story? : The SDGs as a whole ; Multidimensional poverty indices ; Confirming or confronting? --
Drilling down: from global to local : Key questions --
6. Poverty in Asia and the Pacific : National reports : China ; India ; South Asia (Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka) ; South East Asia (Cambodia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam) ; Indonesia and the Pacific (Indonesia, Fiji, the Philippines, the Solomon Islands) --
Growth, inequality, and poverty reduction : Trickle-down and the distribution of consumption --
Tackling poverty and climate change : Complementary or competitive? --
7. Africa: diversity of experience : National reports : North Africa (Egypt, Tunisia) ; Western Africa (Ghana, Liberia, Niger, Côte d'Ivoire, Sierra Leone) ; Eastern Africa (Uganda, Ethiopia, Kenya, Mauritius, Tanzania) ; Southern Africa (South Africa, Botswana, Madagascar, Malawi, Mozambique, Zambia) --
A colonial legacy? --
Correlates of success : Growth and lower poverty ; Growth but little progress on poverty ; Poor in both growth and poverty reduction --
8. Poverty in Latin America and the Caribbean : National reports : Caribbean (The Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago) ; Central America (Guatemala, Mexico, Panama) ; South America (Bolivia, Brazil, Columbia, Peru, Uruguay) --
Income or consumption --
The poverty of groups : Ethnic minorities ; Poverty among indigenous peoples --
9. Poverty in rich countries and a global measure of poverty : National reports : Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union (Poland, Georgia) ; Anglo-Saxon countries and Ireland (the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Ireland) ; Northern and Southern Europe compared (Finland, Norway, Sweden, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece) ; Mainland Western Europe (France, Germany) ; Japan and Korea --
The persistence of poverty : The long wait to tackle relative poverty ; The Great Recession ; The meaning of poverty in rich countries --
A global poverty measure : Implementing a global poverty count --
Conclusions : Beyond $1.90 a day : Summing up : Global welfare economics ; Poverty as a multifaceted concept ; Importance of a checklist ; Our knowledge is imperfect but useful ; Monetary and nonmonetary poverty ; Growth, inequality, and poverty ; The twin challenges of poverty and climate change ; A colonial legacy? ; Correlates of success ; Consumption or income? ; The poverty of groups ; Persistence of poverty in rich countries ; Measure of global poverty --
We know enough to act : Facing up to failure ; Finale: a third challenge --
Afterword : Growth, inequality, and poverty reduction / François Bourguignon : The arithmetic of poverty, inequality, and growth ; The growth-elasticity of poverty ; How growth affects inequality ; How inequality may affect growth --
Afterword : Poverty and climate change / Nicholas Stern : What drives climate change?: How can it be managed? ; The poorest are hit earliest and hardest from a failure to manage climate change ; The new story of growth ; The global agenda ; Political economy and vested interests ; A just transition ; Prospects.
Odpovědnost: Anthony B. Atkinson ; edited by John Micklewright and Andrea Brandolini ; with afterwords by Francois Bourguigon and Nivholas Stern.


"In this, his final book, economist Anthony Atkinson, one of the world's great social scientists and a pioneer in the study of poverty and inequality, offers an inspiring analysis of a central question: What is poverty and how much of it is there around the globe? The persistence of poverty--in rich and poor countries alike--is one of the most serious problems facing humanity. Better measurement of poverty is essential for raising awareness, motivating action, designing good policy, gauging progress, and holding political leaders accountable for meeting targets. To help make this possible, Atkinson provides a critically important examination of how poverty is--and should be--measured. Bringing together evidence about the nature and extent of poverty across the world and including case studies of sixty countries, Atkinson addresses both financial poverty and other indicators of deprivation. He starts from first principles about the meaning of poverty, translates these into concrete measures, and analyzes the data to which the measures can be applied. Crucially, he integrates international organizations' measurements of poverty with countries' own national analyses. Atkinson died before he was able to complete the book, but at his request it was edited for publication by two of his colleagues, John Micklewright and Andrea Brandolini. In addition, François Bourguignon and Nicholas Stern provide afterwords that address key issues from the unfinished chapters: how poverty relates to growth, inequality, and climate change. The result is an essential contribution to efforts to alleviate poverty around the world"--Provided by publisher.
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