The law and business of international project finance (書籍, 2008) [University of Maryland, College Park]
The law and business of international project finance

The law and business of international project finance

著者: Scott L Hoffman
出版社: New York : Cambridge University Press, 2008.
エディション/フォーマット:   紙書籍 : English : 3rd edすべてのエディションとフォーマットを見る
Hoffman covers the complete project finance structure, from conception to negotiation to debt closing, and from project difficulties to successful restructuring.
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資料の種類: インターネット資料
ドキュメントの種類 書籍, インターネット資料
すべての著者/寄与者: Scott L Hoffman
ISBN: 9780521882200 0521882206 9780521708784 0521708788
OCLC No.: 122309573
物理形態: 1, 474 pages ; 26 cm
コンテンツ: Project finance risks --
Project finance cross-border risks --
Project finance commercial risks --
Project finance participants and their roles --
Project finance structures --
Selecting the project finance ownership structure --
The feasibility study and needs assessment --
Host-country business environment for project finance --
Economic feasibility --
Environmental regulation and environmental feasibility of the project --
An overview of project documentation --
Representations and warranties in project finance credit agreements and contracts --
Preliminary host-country agreements --
Construction contracts --
Input contracts --
Operation and maintenance agreements --
Project finance off-take sales contracts --
Power sales agreements --
Project finance credit enhancement --
Financing sources for the project --
The offering memorandum --
Project finance debt commitment letters --
Credit and related documentation for project finance transactions --
Export credits documentation for project finance transactions --
Project collateral --
Governing the project company : stockholder, partnership, joint venture, and management agreements --
Bankruptcy --
United States laws affecting foreign investments --
Local lawyers and overview of local laws --
Dispute resolution in project finance transactions --
Multilateral agency prohibitions on anti-competitive activity --
Merchant facilities--project finance without contractually assured revenue flows.
責任者: Scott L. Hoffman.


Project finance requires careful analysis and structuring of a wide variety of risks. This 2007 third edition addresses these risks and their resolution, and details the necessary elements of a  続きを読む
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