The Kenning anthology of poets theater 1945-1985 (Livro, 2010) [University of Maryland, College Park]
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The Kenning anthology of poets theater 1945-1985

Autor: Kevin Killian; David Brazil, (Poet)
Editora: Chicago : Kenning Editions ; Berkeley, CA : Small Press Distribution, 2010.
Edição/Formato   Imprimir livro : Drama : InglêsVer todas as edições e formatos
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Tipo de Documento Livro
Todos os Autores / Contribuintes: Kevin Killian; David Brazil, (Poet)
ISBN: 9780976736455 0976736454
Número OCLC: 495272893
Descrição: xiv, 590 pages ; 23 cm
Conteúdos: Introduction : why poets theater? / Kevin Killian and David Brazil --
Young Goodman Brown / Jack Spicer --
The fiery hunt / Charles Olson --
The heroes / John Ashbery --
At battle's end / V.R. "Bunny" Lang --
The mystery chef mystery / James Schuyler --
The houses at Falling Hanging / Frank O'Hara --
The corpse / Russell Atkins --
In this hung-up age / Gregory Corso --
The origins of old son / Robert Duncan --
Initiation to the magic workshop / Helen Adam --
Mission to Gomorrah / James Broughton --
!The feast! / Michael McClure --
The dreaming bed / Madeline Gleason --
Rain fur / Diane di Prima --
The construction of Boston / Kenneth Koch --
The twin plays / Jackson Mac Low --
Two one-act plays / Lorenzo Thomas --
The stoop / Anne Waldman --
Dutchman / LeRoi Jones/Amiri Baraka --
M & m / Ruth Weiss --
The kiss behind the smile / Ron Padgett --
RJ (Romeo & Juliet) / Hannah Weiner --
Abner won't be home for dinner / Lew Welch --
Chinese ghost restaurant / Barbara Guest --
Sister Son/ji / Sonia Sanchez --
Jhakh / James Keilty --
The gay way / Joe Brainard --
Song no. 3 / Bruce Andrews --
The same sensation / Keith Waldrop --
Remember gasoline? / Rosmarie Waldrop --
From Vampyr and Reveille dans la brume / Theresa Hak Kyung Cha --
Ted Berrigan's Clear the range / Bob Holman and Bob Rosenthal --
Views of Communist China / Steve Benson --
The coast / Ted Greenwald --
Third man / Carla Harryman --
Spell #7 / Ntozake Shange --
The Alps / Bob Perelman --
Collateral / Kit Robinson --
From Das Badener Lehrstück vom Einverständnis / Bertolt Brecht/Robert Grenier --
Particle arms / Alan Bernheimer --
Entitlement / Charles Bernstein --
Against agreement / Fiona Templeton --
A & C / Stephen Rodefer --
Through the dark end of daylight / Johanna Drucker --
Quarks report / Kenward Elmslie --
Leg / Leslie Scalapino --
Distraction / Nada Gordon --
The birth of the poet / Kathy Acker.
Outros Títulos: Anthology of poets theater 1945-1985
Responsabilidade: edited by Kevin Killian and David Brazil.
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Judith Malina on The Kenning Anthology of Poets Theater

por kenning (Usuário WorldCat publicado 2010-02-27) Excelente Permalink

This is a great book! Here are the poets, the great modern poets who have given us our language, our imagery, our style—plunging us into their theater: John Ashbery’s The Heroes, with its classical echo in Ashbery’s singular idiom, which The Living Theatre produced...
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