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Human services : elimination of evil

by John Rislove

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You May Change Your Ideas on Criminial Justice   (2009-09-28)


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by crazypsychobooklover

We all know the terrible toll, financial and otherwise, that repeat offenders take on our lives, financially and emotionally.  Daily, we read and hear about a person with a long criminal record, known for violence, being released from prision only to reoffend, usually in a horrible manner, only to return to jail again.  Over and over, the pattern repeats itself, with heartbreaking results and impact to society and victims and their family members and friends. 

Now, imagine you have worked tirelessly with offenders, trying to ensure that they have learned not to commit crimes again, and to return to society and live as law-abiding citizens.  This is the case with this novel.  A man has given a large portion of his life, emotions and energy to working with offenders, trying to keep them from reoffending.  One night, he gets a call, one of the men he is working with has been picked up, charged with a horrendous and nightmarish rape and murder of a beautiful young teenager.  When he arrives at the police station, he inadvertently meets the parents of this young girl, and is haunted by their grief and anger. 

He decides it's time to change professions; he hasn't the heart to work with these inhuman offenders again.  A wealthy and powerful man offers him another option-large sums of money, everything he needs to carry out the job, if he will kill these offenders before they can wreck havoc on society yet again.  The people that will be killed are the worst of the worst, people who have committed horrendous crimes against innocent people over and over again, playing the "go to jail, get parolled, offend again" game for far too long. 

It's a fascinating proposition.  All that money, our taxes, that could be better spent on education, welfare, services for good and law-abiding citizens in need.  Taking the wealthy man up on his offer, our main character begins their "novel" approach to crime fighting.

Highlighting long time societal issues and problems, this novel takes a unique and fascinating view of an alternative answer, and the ramifications.

Well written, and filled with suspense, this thought provoking novel will have you questioning the current judicial system, and the problems it has.  Wonderful storyline, great characters, and a unique plot make this a great read.

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