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Further words of wisdom

by Eileen Ellen Davey; Matthew P Hutton;

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What is it like in Heaven?   (2009-03-24)


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by Joe9290

Further Words of Wisdom is a very unusual book!   Edited by Matthew Hutton, the book was channelled from spirit via the remarkable talents of Eileen Ellen Davey.  

In the book are a series of lectures which (if we are to believe the authors claims) are teaching given to us from the world of spirits or afterlife.   Basically these are instruction on how to become more spiritually minded and more attuned to the natural and psychic world in which we live.  Strictly speaking the book was not written by Eileen Davey, but was spoken by her while in a deep trance state.  These words were recorded on audio tape and later translated in to text for publication.

I know very little about the work of Eileen Ellen Davey, but the editor of the book is Psychic Investigator and literary correspondent Matthew Hutton, who is probably best remembered for his research into electro-magnetic ghosts.  His research in the late 1980’s was published in countless newspapers and magazines, but proved to be his down-fall, as his idea of ghosts being a natural phenomena (rather than a paranormal one), proved to be very unpopular, not only with his readers, but also other researchers who branded him as a skeptic!   Nevertheless, it is his brand of skepticism that makes this book far superior to the first offering by the author, which also had the catchy title of WORDS OF WISDOM.    

Eileen Ellen Davey has written (or dictated) a genuinely good read, which is a sort of question /answer book of spiritualism.   What happens to us after we die?  What is the Spirit World like?   Who can get in to the Spirit World?   Do murderers and evil people go to the same place as us?  All these and hundreds of other questions are asked, and some of the answers given are not what I expected to hear.

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