The English Civil War : Papists, gentlewomen, soldiers, and witchfinders in the birth of modern Britain (Buch, 2006) [University of Maryland, College Park]
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The English Civil War : Papists, gentlewomen, soldiers, and witchfinders in the birth of modern Britain

The English Civil War : Papists, gentlewomen, soldiers, and witchfinders in the birth of modern Britain

Autor: Diane Purkiss
Verlag: New York : Basic Books, ©2006.
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"In this history of the violent struggle between the monarchy and parliament that tore apart seventeenth-century England, a rising star among British historians sheds new light on the people who fought and died during those tumultuous years. Like the Magna Carta or the American Revolution, the English Civil War concerned fundamental questions of sovereignty and political rights that are still the guiding principles  Weiterlesen…
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Gattung/Form: Nonfiction
Dokumenttyp Buch
Alle Autoren: Diane Purkiss
ISBN: 9780465067565 0465067565 9780465067572 0465067573
OCLC-Nummer: 69021101
Anmerkungen: Originally published as: The English Civil War: a people's history. London : Harper Press, 2006.
Beschreibung: xxiii, 627 pages, 24 unnumbered pages of plates : illustrations, maps, portraits ; 25 cm
Inhalt: The last cavalier? --
The meek-eyed peace --
Two women: Anna Trapnel and Lucy Hay --
The bishops' wars, the three kingdoms, and montrose --
Pym against the Papists --
Stand up, shout Mars --
The valley of decision --
Bright-harnessed angels: edgehill --
Down with bishops and bells: iconoclasm --
The death of dreams --
The war over Christmas --
The queen's tale: Henrietta Maria --
Newbury fight --
Two capitals: Oxford and London --
The bitterness of war --
Two marriages --
The power of heaven: Marston Moor and Cromwell --
The cookery writers' tales: General Hunger, Hannah Wolley, Kenelm Digby and the Deer of Corse Lawn --
Twenty thousand Cornish boys: the Battle of Lostwithiel --
The nation's nightmares --
Th' easy earth that covers her: the children's tales --
God with us! Montrose's campaign --
New professions: Parliament Joan and Richard Wiseman --
The world is turned upside down: the new model army and Naseby fight --
Ashes: the siege of Taunton and the clubmen --
The birds in the Greenwoods are mated together: Anne Halkett and the escape of James II --
Nor iron bars a cage: the capture of Charles I --
A new heaven and a new earth: Anna Trapnel and the Levellers --
Stand up now, stand up now: Gerrard Winstanley and the diggers --
The second civil war --
To Carisbrooke's narrow case: Charles I in captivity --
Oh, he is gone, and now hath left us here: the trial and execution of Charles I --
Into another mould? The aftermath.
Verfasserangabe: Diane Purkiss.


A history of the English Civil War-one of the great turning points in Western political history-told through the remarkable experiences of the men and women who lived through it  Weiterlesen…
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