The Church and sovereignty c.590-1915 : essays in honour of Michael Wilks (도서, 1991) [University of Maryland, College Park]
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The Church and sovereignty c.590-1915 : essays in honour of Michael Wilks

저자: Michael Wilks; Diana Wood; Ecclesiastical History Society.
출판사: Oxford, U.K. ; Cambridge, Mass., USA : Published for the Ecclesiastical History Society by B. Blackwell, 1991.
시리즈: Studies in church history., Subsidia ;, 9.
판/형식:   인쇄본 : 영어

A collection of essays by friends and colleagues of Michael Wilks which explores the nature of sovereignty, or supreme authority, and its location within the Church. Coverage ranges from Gregory the  더 읽기…

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장르/형태: History
문서 유형 도서
모든 저자 / 참여자: Michael Wilks; Diana Wood; Ecclesiastical History Society.
ISBN: 0631180427 9780631180425
OCLC 번호: 64028134
설명: xx, 513 pages ; 23 cm.
내용: 'Straight Answers to the Problem of Sovereignty? / Diana Wood --
Gregory the Great on Kings: Rulers and Preachers in the Commentary on I Kings / R. A. Markus --
'Not Bishops' Bailiff's but Lords of the Earth': Charles the Bald and the Problem of Sovereignty / Janet L. Nelson --
Sovereignty and Tabu: Evolution of the Sanction against Communication with Excommunicates Part I: Gregory VII / Elisabeth Vodola --
'The Site of King-making and Consecration': Westminster Abbey and the Crown in the Eleventh and Twelfth Centuries / Emma Mason --
The Case of Bernard of Osma: Royal Influence and Papal Authority in the Diocese of Osma / Charles Duggan --
The Election of Innocent III / Maria L. Taylor --
Philip Augustus and John: Two Sons in Innocent III's Vineyard? / Brenda M. Colton --
The Pope and the Cities: Anticlericalism and Heresy in Innocent III's Italy / Diana M. Webb --
The Jews, the Law, and the Church: The Concept of Jewish Serfdom in Thirteenth-century England / J. A. Watt The Byzantine View of papal Sovereignty / Donald M. Nicol --
The Domincan Political Theory of John of Paris in its Context / Janet Coleman --
Francois de Meyronnes and Hierachy / David Luscombe --
The Pope's Right to Elect his Successor: The Diana Wood --
A State Like Any Other? The Fourteenth-century Papal Patrimony through the Eyes of Roman Law Jurists / Joseph Canning --
Somersaulting Sovereignty: A Note on Reciprocal Lordship and Servitude in Wyclif / Arthur Stephen McGrade --
The King and Erring Clergy: A Wycliffite Contribution / Anne Hudson --
The Problem of Subjection: The University of Toulouse, Royalism, and Papalism in the France of Charles VI / R. N. Swanson --
Exponents of Sovereignty: Canonists as seen by Theologians in the Late Middle Ages / G. H. M. Posthumus Meyjes --
Political Languages in Later Medieval Europe / Antony Black --
Eugenius IV, Cardinal Kemp, and Archbishop Chichele: A Reconsideration of the Role of Antonio Caffarelli / Margaret Harvey --
Augustinus de Ancona as a Conciliar Authority: The Circulation of His SUMMA in the Shadow of the Council of Basle / Katherine Walsh --
Paridis de Puteo: A Fifteenth-century Civilian's Concept of Papal Sovereignty / Diana Perry Papal Authority and Religious Sentinent in the Late Middle Ages / David L. d'Avray --
Conciliarism, Papalism, and Power, 1511-1518 / J. H. Burns --
The Conciliarism of John Mair: A Note on disputation on the authority of a council / James K. Cameron --
Monks, Friars, and the Royal Supremacy in Sixteenth-century Yorkshire / Claire Cross --
IUS DICTUM EST A IURE POSSIDENDO: Law and Rights in DECRETALES, 5.40.12 / Brian Tierney --
The Venetian Mediterranean Empire after the Council of Trent / A. D. Wright --
Collective Sovereignty? Conscience in the Gathered Church, c.1875-1918 / Clyde Binfield --
Bibliography of the Writings of Michael Wilks, Graham Gibbs, Patrick McGurk, and Patricia Stroud
일련 제목: Studies in church history., Subsidia ;, 9.
책임: edited by Diana Wood.
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