The Church and sovereignty c.590-1915 : essays in honour of Michael Wilks (Buch, 1991) [University of Maryland, College Park]
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The Church and sovereignty c.590-1915 : essays in honour of Michael Wilks Titelvorschau

The Church and sovereignty c.590-1915 : essays in honour of Michael Wilks

Autor: Michael Wilks; Diana Wood; Ecclesiastical History Society.
Verlag: Oxford, U.K. ; Cambridge, Mass., USA : Published for the Ecclesiastical History Society by B. Blackwell, 1991.
Serien: Studies in church history., Subsidia ;, 9.
Ausgabe/Medienart   Gedrucktes Buch : Englisch

A collection of essays by friends and colleagues of Michael Wilks which explores the nature of sovereignty, or supreme authority, and its location within the Church. Coverage ranges from Gregory the  Weiterlesen…

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Gattung/Form: History
Dokumenttyp Buch
Alle Autoren: Michael Wilks; Diana Wood; Ecclesiastical History Society.
ISBN: 0631180427 9780631180425
OCLC-Nummer: 64028134
Beschreibung: xx, 513 pages ; 23 cm.
Inhalt: 'Straight Answers to the Problem of Sovereignty? / Diana Wood --
Gregory the Great on Kings: Rulers and Preachers in the Commentary on I Kings / R. A. Markus --
'Not Bishops' Bailiff's but Lords of the Earth': Charles the Bald and the Problem of Sovereignty / Janet L. Nelson --
Sovereignty and Tabu: Evolution of the Sanction against Communication with Excommunicates Part I: Gregory VII / Elisabeth Vodola --
'The Site of King-making and Consecration': Westminster Abbey and the Crown in the Eleventh and Twelfth Centuries / Emma Mason --
The Case of Bernard of Osma: Royal Influence and Papal Authority in the Diocese of Osma / Charles Duggan --
The Election of Innocent III / Maria L. Taylor --
Philip Augustus and John: Two Sons in Innocent III's Vineyard? / Brenda M. Colton --
The Pope and the Cities: Anticlericalism and Heresy in Innocent III's Italy / Diana M. Webb --
The Jews, the Law, and the Church: The Concept of Jewish Serfdom in Thirteenth-century England / J. A. Watt The Byzantine View of papal Sovereignty / Donald M. Nicol --
The Domincan Political Theory of John of Paris in its Context / Janet Coleman --
Francois de Meyronnes and Hierachy / David Luscombe --
The Pope's Right to Elect his Successor: The Diana Wood --
A State Like Any Other? The Fourteenth-century Papal Patrimony through the Eyes of Roman Law Jurists / Joseph Canning --
Somersaulting Sovereignty: A Note on Reciprocal Lordship and Servitude in Wyclif / Arthur Stephen McGrade --
The King and Erring Clergy: A Wycliffite Contribution / Anne Hudson --
The Problem of Subjection: The University of Toulouse, Royalism, and Papalism in the France of Charles VI / R. N. Swanson --
Exponents of Sovereignty: Canonists as seen by Theologians in the Late Middle Ages / G. H. M. Posthumus Meyjes --
Political Languages in Later Medieval Europe / Antony Black --
Eugenius IV, Cardinal Kemp, and Archbishop Chichele: A Reconsideration of the Role of Antonio Caffarelli / Margaret Harvey --
Augustinus de Ancona as a Conciliar Authority: The Circulation of His SUMMA in the Shadow of the Council of Basle / Katherine Walsh --
Paridis de Puteo: A Fifteenth-century Civilian's Concept of Papal Sovereignty / Diana Perry Papal Authority and Religious Sentinent in the Late Middle Ages / David L. d'Avray --
Conciliarism, Papalism, and Power, 1511-1518 / J. H. Burns --
The Conciliarism of John Mair: A Note on disputation on the authority of a council / James K. Cameron --
Monks, Friars, and the Royal Supremacy in Sixteenth-century Yorkshire / Claire Cross --
IUS DICTUM EST A IURE POSSIDENDO: Law and Rights in DECRETALES, 5.40.12 / Brian Tierney --
The Venetian Mediterranean Empire after the Council of Trent / A. D. Wright --
Collective Sovereignty? Conscience in the Gathered Church, c.1875-1918 / Clyde Binfield --
Bibliography of the Writings of Michael Wilks, Graham Gibbs, Patrick McGurk, and Patricia Stroud
Serientitel: Studies in church history., Subsidia ;, 9.
Verfasserangabe: edited by Diana Wood.
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