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American national biography

Autore: John A Garraty; Mark C Carnes; American Council of Learned Societies.
Pubblicazione: New York : Oxford University Press, 1999.
Edizione/Formato:   Libro a stampa : Biography : IngleseVedi tutte le edizioni e i formati
"Over 10 years in the making, American National Biography is a fascinating study of the people who have shaped the United States. Why replace the Dictionary of American Biography instead of merely updating it through supplements? Because the editors include new scholarship and people who were missed in the original, especially women and ethnic minorities. Numbering 24 volumes and containing 17,500 entries, the work  Per saperne di più…
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Genere/formato: Faculty publications
biographical dictionaries
Reference works
Biografische woordenboeken (vorm)
Biography Dictionaries
Biographies Dictionnaires anglais
Informazioni aggiuntive sul formato: Online version:
American national biography.
New York : Oxford University Press, 1999
Tipo materiale: Biography, Risorsa internet
Tipo documento Libro, Risorsa Internet
Tutti gli autori / Collaboratori: John A Garraty; Mark C Carnes; American Council of Learned Societies.
ISBN: 0195206355 9780195206357 0195127803 9780195127805 0195127811 9780195127812 019512782X 9780195127829 0195127838 9780195127836 0195127846 9780195127843 0195127854 9780195127850 0195127862 9780195127867 0195127870 9780195127874 0195127889 9780195127881 0195127897 9780195127898 0195127900 9780195127904 0195127919 9780195127911 0195127927 9780195127928 0195127935 9780195127935 0195127943 9780195127942 0195127951 9780195127959 019512796X 9780195127966 0195127978 9780195127973 0195127986 9780195127980 0195127994 9780195127997 0195128001 9780195128000 019512801X 9780195128017 0195128028 9780195128024 0195128036 9780195128031 0195150635 9780195150636 0195222024 9780195222029
Numero OCLC: 39182280
Note: "Conceived as the successor to the Dictionary of American biography, first published between 1926 and 1937"--Vol. 1, p. xvii
"Published under the auspices of the American Council of Learned Societies."
Riconoscimenti: Association of American Publishers R.R. Hawkins Award for Outstanding Professional, Reference or Scholarly Work, 1999.
Descrizione: 24 volumes ; 26 cm
Contenuti: v. 1. Aarons-Baird --
v. 2. Baker-Blatch --
v. 3. Blatchford-Burnet --
v. 4. Burnett-Clarke, Lewis --
v. 5. Clarke, Mary-DaCosta --
v. 6. Dafora-Dubuclet --
v. 7. Dubuque-Fishbein --
v. 8. Fishberg-Gihon --
v. 9. Gilbert-Hand --
v. 10. Handerson-Hofmann --
v. 11. Hofstadter-Jepson --
v. 12. Jeremiah-Kurtz --
v. 13. Kurtzman-Lovecraft --
v. 14. Lovejoy-McCurdy --
v. 15. McCutcheon-Moskowitz --
v. 16. Mosler-Parish --
v. 17. Park-Pushmataha --
v. 18. Putman-Roush --
v. 19. Rousseau-Simmons --
v. 20. Simms-Stratemeyer --
v. 21. Stratton-Tunney --
v. 22. Tunnicliff-Welk --
v. 23. Wellek-Wrenn --
v. 24. Wright-Zworykin.
Altri titoli: A N B
Responsabilità: general editors, John A. Garraty, Mark C. Carnes.


The first biography and study of the work of Belgian landscape architect Jean Canneel-Claes, a significant but somewhat overlooked figure in the history of European modernism. In tracing his  Per saperne di più…
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Sinossi editore

An original work that sheds light on the overlooked modernist Belgian scene, focusing on the work of the remarkable garden architect Jean Canneel-Claes. Thanks to Dorothee Imbert's solid new Per saperne di più…

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